Official Name: Burundi
Form of Government: Republic
Capital: Bujumbura
Population:  10.52 million
Official Languages: French, English, Kirundi
Currency: Burundian franc
Area: 27,834 km²

Climate: Burundi in general has a tropical highland climate, with a considerable daily temperature range in many areas. The central plateau enjoys pleasantly cool weather, with an average temperature of 20° C (68°F ).
Religions: about 86 percent of the population of Burundi is Christian (62.1% being Roman Catholic, 23.9% being Protestant), 7.9% follow traditional religions, and 2.5 percent is Muslim (mainly Sunni).
Main industries: light consumer goods such as blankets, shoes, soap, assembly of imported components, public works construction, food processing. Agriculture: coffee, cotton, tea, corn, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas, manioc (tapioca); beef, milk, hides.
Traditional dishes: Ibiharage: red kidney beans stewed simply with onion and chilli. Boko boko harees: chicken cooked with bulgur wheat, onion and turmeric. Ndizi: sliced plantain fried in palm oil, making a delicious snack or side. Ndagala: small locally-caught fish eaten whole
Fun Fact: Burundi won a gold medal in 1996 for the first time in Olympic history. In doing so, it became the poorest country ever to win an Olympic gold medal.