Official Name: Republic of Malawi
Form of Government: Multiparty Republic
Capital: Lilongwe
Population: 18.09 million
Official Languages: Chichewa, English
Currency: Malawian kwacha
Area: 118,484 km²

Climate: A sub-tropical climate, which is relatively dry and strongly seasonal. The warm-wet season stretches from November to April, during which 95% of the annual precipitation takes place. A hot, dry season lasts from September to October with average temperatures varying between 25 and 37 degrees Celsius.
Religions: Islam is the second largest religion in Malawi after Christianity. Nearly all of Malawi's Muslims adhere to Sunni Islam.
Main industries: The main industries are food processing, construction, consumer goods, cement, fertilizer, ginning, furniture production and cigarette production.
Traditional dishes: Nsima - Thick, savoury porridge made from maize, Miamba Chambo and Usipa - Fish from Lake Malawi and Curried Chambo Fish
Fun Fact: Malawi’s Lake Nyasa contains more fish species than any other lake on earth