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PEFA pastors visit  MRC

 PEFA pastors from Nakuru west region visited children at the Centre. Pictured above together with children presenting their donation.

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Ann & desk   Reflection - Ephesians 3:20 21

Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.

To him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, for ever and ever Amen. ( RSV)

Mrs . Ann Nyokabi
Centre Director

PEFA pastors arrive   Admin welcomes pastors

Arrival of PEFA pastors at MRC and Centre Administrator welcoming the pastors.

time for worship   presenting a song for guests

Time for worship and praising the Lord and children presenting a song for the guests.

The Regional Overseer Mr. Kirui, (right), leading other pastors in presenting the donation at the Centre. The Administrator receives the donations.

Administrator receives donations   closing prayers

The Administrator receives the donations and closing prayers and and praying for the children.

vote of thanks   

Vote of thanks from Mr. Langat, Centre Administrator and taking tea together before departure.

Students from Mianzini primary, in Elburgon Nakuru county visited children at MRC. They brought maize and fruits for the children.

students carry maize   teacher with students

Students carrying the maize to the Centre and the teacher accompanying the students presenting the donations.

escorted by Wallace & Kiprop   group pic

They were escorted to the Centre by Centre children, Wallace and Kiprop. Then a group picture of the students.

On 20/2/2019 was Parents Day at MRC. Parents arrived early to meet their children. Before the meeting, parents were taken through the progress report of their children and how they can better the lives of this children.

parents arriving   social worker

Arrival of the parents at MRC and the Centre's Social Worker informing parents about the progress of their children.

parents look joyful   practicing songs

Parents in joyous mood on seeing their children in good health and MRC children practicing songs to present to their parents on Parent's Day.

children in joyous food   

Children in joyous mood on seeing their parents and child Bosibori and her aunt preparing to have lunch.

Moses's family   

Child Moses' uncle and grandmother having a word with child Moses and children and parents having lunch at Centre court yard.

Mbugua & his brothers   Wallace & his grandmother

Child Mbugua visited by his two brothers and child Wallace and his grandmother having lunch together at the Centre.

Bidan's mother   

Mother to Bidan travelled from Nairobi for the parents day at MRC and the mother of Bosco arrived late due to vehicle she used developing mechanic problem.

Pastor Bii from Kericho came to MRC to meet the children and bought 3 sacks of maize for the children.

Pastor welcomed by Director    group photo

Pastor being welcomed by Centre Director and MRC child and a group photograph with the Centre Children.

offloading the maize   saying goodbye

MRC staff offloading maize from the vehicle and saying goodbye to children and staff.

Thanks Giving

- Good Health:To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children

- Safety & Security:To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre

- Thank God for our staff 

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued paying of tax acquired in 2015 due to expiry of MRC exemption certificate. The amount was ksh. 383,000 plus interest of Ksh. 200,000 bringing tax owed to ksh.583,000.

- Thank God for our new children

- Thank God for PEFA Pastors visit at MRC, assisting with food stuffs and assorted clothing's for children and staff

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones

- Pray for Director's salary / PEFA are paying the tax liability for the last three months / Director has gone without salary since November 2018

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots

- Keep praying for our staff, the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire, that the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need a volunteer nurse and a medical laboratory specialist

- For provision of money for the Centers repainting and repairs 

- Provision of a 14 seats vehicle / the current Centre’s double cabin cannot carry more than thee children / we depend on hiring, which is expensive to the Centre - God is able!


PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

front page pic

Meet some of Centre children ready for church during one of the Sundays in January.

Hope News banner      Hope Jan'19

Ann Nyokabi

As we start the new month of February, I want to thank God for he has been good and faithful to me since I came to MRC. He also enabled my safe delivery and my daughter is doing great and growing fast ;thanks to God. I want to thank IT teams for being there for us I n times of need. I pray God to bless you with joy, peace and always fill you with blessings when you call unto him. I also take this chance to diagnosis PEFA Church for prayers and support. Also the Kingdom Builders Foundation (KBF) for their support in ensuring we have a Mini Clinical Laboratory. MRC fraternity is very grateful. Children diagnosis and treatment is now easy and fast. I also thank MRC staff for their continued care to our children. Lastly I want to thank all our donors for the support both financially and spiritually. May God bless you abundantly.

ANN Nyokabi
Centre Director

Students in MRC returns after a long December holiday with their families. The school term is packed with various activities among them the joining of form one to our students and admission of new children to MRC family.

child Samson

Child Samson Njonge arriving at MRC escorted by his father.

child Muchea

Child Muchea George with his father.

Mary Bosibori and her aunt

Child Mary Bosibori arriving with her Aunt.

Wacuka & grandmother

Child Wacuka with her grandmother - her mother separated with her father over the holiday.

Bidan with his mother

Child Bidan arriving escorted by his mother.

Kiprop & his father

Child Kiprop brought by his father.

Wallace dressed for school

Child Wallace arrived and dressed for school.

Youth Kiptoo

Youth Kiptoo was ready for school on arrival.

Youth Muchea

Youth Muchea dressed ready to join Form one.


Child Kariuki too in school uniform ready for school.


Child Mbugua dressed for school.

Youth Okasa

Youth Okasa came to MRC to say hi to MRC children. He is in Ngara School For The Deaf.

New admissions

There continues to be a steady increase in the number of children with disability seeking admission at MRC. We have been forced to take in the most needy cases due to financial constraints.

Mercy Cherotich

Child Mercy Cherotich dressed in blue . Mentally handicapped.

Moses Mwangi

Child Moses Mwangi, suffering from spina bifida.

John Bosco Ochieng

 Child John Bosco Ochieng. Physically handicapped.

Peris Nyambura

Child Peris Nyambura on the left. Mentally challenged.

Elizabeth Kerubo

Child Elizabeth Kerubo, physically challenged.

Grace Mumbi

Child Grace Mumbi , physically challenged.

Emmanuel Sikukuu

In Maroon track suit is Emmanuel Sikukuu. Mentally challenged.

keeping the environment clean

Children engaged in keeping their environment clean.

After being out of the country for two months, it was time for the physiotherapist to greet children and check in on the progress since the last session in November 2018.

physio 1    physio 2

physio 3    physio 4

A team of doctors from county government came to MRC to partner with MRC dispensary in health promotion programme open day at MRC.

arrival of county docs

Arrival of County Doctors.

the queue was long

The queue was long waiting for the start of the exercise.

welcoming the doctors

Centre director and Centre Clinical Officer welcoming the Doctors at MRC.

The treatment underway.


The elderly were not left behind.

area chief & assistant

Area chief and his assistant came for the services too.

women with young children

Women with young children had their own doctor to attend to them and their children.

Time for doctors to have tea after a busy day.

Matumaini Rehabilitation Mini Clinical Laboratory. Thanks to Kingdom Builders Foundation for making it a reality. Some of the items are in the pictures below.

mini clinical lab 1 mini clinical lab 2   



Biochemistry analyzer

Biochemistry analyzer



autoclave 18L

Autoclave 18L

lab incubator

Lab incubator



lab assistant arranging items

Lab assistant arranging items in the MRC Laboratory

delivery of lab items

Delivery of laboratory items

Laboratory Items arranged

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children.

- Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre.

- Thank God for our staff.

- Thank God for Kingdom Builders Foundation for enabling MRC have a mini Medical Laboratory.

- Thank God for Doctor Kirika( Molo District Hospital MOH) for making an open clinical day a success.

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers.

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta.

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued support of Centre Director’s salary.

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors.

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones.

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots.

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries.

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.

- We need volunteer nurse or anyone in the medical field.

- For provision of money for the centers repainting and repairs .

- Provision of a 32 seats vehicle. The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

journalism members
Receive Christian greetings from Bookshine School. We have seen God's grace and faithfulness in this month of February and we are very grateful for Gods help in everything.
It has been amazing to see most of the students very serious with their studies and we hope this will ultimately bring good results to them and to the entire school.
On Thursday 28th,Thirty two of our students visited Ebenezer Children's Home,with a few donated goodies from the students themselves,it was nice for our students to interact with them and show them love.
Our Christian fellowship is getting vibrant more and more. We've witnessed an amazing spiritual growth and a great desire for the Lord from the students, we are utterly grateful to God for what He's doing in the school. We've had 25 students giving their lives to Christ in this month.

soccer team
We are currently having an on-going soccer league for both boys and girls in which we are seeing great performance from both the teams, we hope to update you of the results when the league is done.
We have been blessed with 2 teachers on practice from a local university in this semester and their input has had amazing results upon the students and the school at large, its our prayer that we will continue getting helpful teachers on practice like them even in the future.
talent show
We had a talent show one week ago in which the students had an opportunity to showcase their talents in various fields, the talent show has been of great help as most of the students have managed to progress highly with their talents both locally and internationally.
As I mentioned in our last report we are currently having a long list of students who want to enroll in our school but unfortunately we cannot accommodate all of them due to lack of space as a result we have a plan of putting up more classrooms.
Prayer Requests.
1.Pray for the boys and girls that have given their lives to Christ in this month.
2.Pray for funds for our classroom project.
3.Pray for our candidates, who will be sitting for their national exams in November.
Mr Jack Oyieko

January 2019 Newsletter



A SMILE FOR ROSA - By Isaac Msiska

A dangerous ethnic feud between her tribe and a rival one led to the murder of Rosa’s husband and the fleeing of Rosa from Burundi to Malawi. Even though she escaped her home country over a decade ago, it is apparent that the emotional scars and mental anguish that the murder of her husband caused are still stubbornly imprinted in her mind. Rosa narrates the painful story with trembling in her voice. She recalls the details vividly. It was one terrible night when assailants invaded Rosa and her husband’s house and abducted the husband before her very eyes. They disappeared with him in the dead of night amid her screams of terror and pleas for help. Rosa believes that an earlier disagreement between her husband and an enemy tribe had escalated into the act of murder.

“That was the last time I saw my husband.” Rosa explained “They dragged him to the bush and killed him. I will never forget that night of terror.” Fearing for her life and the lives of her three children, Rosa resorted to one hard decision – escape the country. She feared that the assailants might return to harm her and her children. With the murder of her husband leaving her alone and defenceless, she realized that she would make an easy prey. Her situation was made worse due to the disability that she has. Rosa was born with a leg length discrepancy that affects her movement. Defending herself and her children in case of an attack would have been a lost battle.

She had to disappear fast.

With her three kids, Rosa grabbed what she was able to carry and fled Burundi. Her plan was to seek safe haven in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi. The journey was long and painful. Rosa did not have enough money to travel to Malawi so she had to raise money along the way. This meant that she had to take breaks in between trips and do whatever it took to gather the means to continue. All in all, the journey took Rosa a month. However, when she arrived in her final destination, Dzaleka Refugee Camp, her heart sank, and all she felt was despair.

“I was a lonely single woman in a new country and about to start a new way of life but with no idea about who would support me,” she said. Rosa came to Dzaleka Refugee Camp fleeing the threat of violence at home, but she suddenly found herself and her kids facing a new different kind of insecurity – food and financial. Just like any other refugee in the camp, Rosa survived on food rations she received from the UNHCR and other aid agencies but the monthly package she got barely lasted 14 days.

If she were to endure the place, Rosa knew she had to find a way of earning a living.

“I used part of the maize meal I obtained to make doughnuts which I sold,” she explained. The sale of doughnuts did not actually bring the required revenue that Rosa needed to fully support her family. The highest she could make from the little business was a meagre MK600 (8 Cents). It was a ludicrous amount which was not even enough to buy a packet of sugar. What Rosa was doing was a risky thing too, since it meant she was slicing part of the ration that was supposed to sustain her family for a month. Rosa was desperate for support but she could not get any. She explained that some men in the camp took advantage of her desperation to sexually exploit her.

“A lot of men approached me, promising to marry me and take care of my financial problems. I believed them and kept telling myself that maybe this was my gateway out of the crisis I was in, but they kept deceiving me.” Rosa explained, “They were just using me for their selfish sexual objectives and then dump me. It was so painful because my dignity and reputation were slowly getting tarnished.”

Four years after arriving in Dzaleka, and hoping for some positive change, Rosa joined a group of fellow refugees living with disabilities in the camp. It was through this group that Rosa was introduced to Kibebe, our social enterprise arm.

That was the breakthrough she had been looking for.

Kibebe artisans make handcrafted products for sale both locally and internationally. Being an artisan meant that Rosa had now found a source of income and progressively her living conditions began to change. The earning she made was sufficient to keep her family going. She did not need to depend solely on food rations anymore, and she could now afford to buy essentials for her kids.

Her job with Kibebe, and Rosa’s wise financial stewardship, produced a remarkable thing. Rosa used part of her savings to open a small shop of houseware and groceries. The shop complements her financial resources by earning Rosa a side income. It is from the proceeds she makes from the shop that Rosa can afford to send her kids to a quality school, something which she could hardly imagine at first. Rosa plans to open another shop, but bigger than the current one, where she would employ others to work.

“I tell you, my life is no longer the same.” Rosa observed “People used to call me by a derogatory title of doughnut sellerand I did not have any reputation. After all, who would respect a poor, disabled woman who sold doughnuts for a living?” However, since she is now able to earn enough to stand on her own, nobody looks down on her. Even the men who took advantage of her situation no longer approach her with their fake promises.

“Because they know I am independent now and I tell them off!” Rosa said. Her dignity is restored, her finances are stable and she can support her three kids with anything they need.

“Kibebe gave me an opportunity to uplift my social status and that is exactly what has happened in my life.” Rosa closed with a wide smile.



15 year old parent

THE 15 YEAR OLD PARENT -  By Isaac Msiska

She is 15 but at that age, she is already tasked with the huge responsibility of taking care of her two brothers and one sister, all alone. She is just a kid but at 15 she plays the role of both the head of a family and a parent to her siblings. To make matters worse, she just started her first class in secondary school and she still has three more years to complete her education which means that she has to juggle between school and parenting her siblings. It is a formidable experience but she has no alternative.

Her name is Daless.

Her story starts 2 years ago and begins with the bitter divorce of her parents. Daless’ parents separated in 2017 and her father left the kids with their mother. The divorce brought Daless’ future in education grinding to a dusty halt. She was then in primary school and awaiting to sit her final examinations that would see her progressing to secondary school. The separation also affected her academic performance and caused a notable decline in her pass rate in class.

Daless and her siblings stayed with their mother but it was to be for a temporary period because a few months after her father left them, Daless’ mother found a new husband and remarried. Strangely enough, she moved in with the new husband and abandoned the kids, in the care of their uncle. Being the eldest of the siblings, Daless, overnight, found herself turning into a parent and was left with the hardest job of caring for the other kids.

She was confused and stranded.

“We were left all alone. We sought help from our uncle but he has a big family and a lot of other responsibilities so it is quite difficult to give us full support.” Daless explained, adding that the situation meant that she technically was in charge of her siblings. Although her mother sends occasional basic assistance to the kids to help them with their essential needs, the assistance is not sufficient to sustain them. Without her parents and just partial support from an uncle who also faces financial hurdles, Daless’ chances of continuing with her education were reduced to zero but what Daless dreaded most was something else. Her youngest brother suffers from the neurological disorder, epilepsy and often has severe violent bouts of seizures. With both her parents gone, the duty of monitoring and nursing the boy was dumped in her hands.

“I have to make sure that he is fully under my watch all the time because he needs special attention. My main fear is waking up in the middle of the night and finding him in a seizure that I cannot handle. It has happened before and I fear it might happen again.” Daless explained, “I am just a kid who was forced to mature too early because of circumstances that I had no control over.” Actually, her brother’s condition is one of the reasons that inspired Daless to pursue a career in nursing after secondary school.

Despite the chilling difficulties brought forth by the divorce of her parents, forced to become a parent, and with a post-primary school future looking bleak, Daless worked hard and passed her primary school examinations with amazing results. She was selected to one of the elite public boarding secondary schools in Dowa District. However, she had no one to support her basic and financial needs, including school fees required to commence her secondary school. Tuition fees for her new school cost approximately 80 thousand Kwacha and that excludes essential school supplies such as exercise books and learning material. Daless realized that there was no way she could afford that much.

“I had worked to the best of my abilities to go to secondary school but after I passed my examinations, I suddenly understood that my journey had ended there. Where would I get school fees?” Daless recalled. Even her uncle could not help. His limited financial abilities could not allow him to support her education. All her dreams, visions and ambitions to progress with her studies and eventually get out of the miserable situation she was facing had come to a complete standstill. The shock and pain of knowing that there was no future for her after primary school were too much to bear for Daless.

“I looked at my brothers and sisters and I felt sad. I felt like everything was crashing down on us. It was like being locked in the darkness with no hope of ever seeing the light on the other side.” She recollected the ordeal with sadness branding her face. Daless’ predicament, shocking as it is, is no strange scenario to multitudes of vulnerable girls across Malawi. Only 34 percent of girls who start primary school progress to secondary school. Financial problems which result in lack of school fees, is one of the major factors contributing to this high rate. With 82 percent of the Malawian population living in rural areas, the situation is worse in communities staying in villages. Dales is among the myriads of hopeless girls that fail to advance with their education in the rural areas.

However, for Daless, her dreams were soon to be revamped. In 2018, her primary school English teacher, concerned with the fate of Daless, connected her to our secondary school scholarship programme. In September of that year, she was on the list of vulnerable girls we provided scholarships to in various public and private secondary schools.

Daless’ joy was untold.

“I felt like crying when I was informed that I had been selected to receive a secondary school bursary.” she said, “It was the news I had been longing for and I know that it is the first step towards realizing my dream.” Daless’ dream is to become a nurse and there is a very good reason she chose that profession. She explained that the health centre located in her community has a severe shortage of nurses and patients struggle to get help due to congestion. Lots of people are forced to travel many miles to neighbouring health centres for medical help. Her goal is to study nursing and serve the small health centre. Besides that, she also has a natural passion for the sick and injured.

Now that she has a scholarship, Daless is adamant that she will finally fulfil that burning ambition.

“I am very excited.” she explained “I now have an uninterrupted source of school fees. I no longer have to be concerned about where I am going to find money for my education. I am confident that I will accomplish the vision I have always have – becoming a nurse.”


EU funded structures 

 We launched our EU funded structures

25 January was a memorable day for us because it was the day that we unveiled female hostels, workshops and a dining hall that we constructed with funding from the European Union (EU). The Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Honourable Grace Obama Chumia officially inaugurated the buildings. The delegation from the EU office in Malawi was also there with us.


There is Hope 

Your support has brought us this far.

Our programmes have reached out to a lot of people and have helped countless vulnerable individuals to become self-sufficient. Our education scholarships have put back to school numerous deserving Malawian and refugees. We have not achieved all this alone. God’s EconomyInternational TeamsOne CollectiveSegal Family FoundationIAFR, and various other partners, supporters and donors have all played a part in our vision. How far have we come?


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