From the ashes rose hope

Alinafe’s tough ride with education started way back in primary school when her father died in a tragic car accident. She was 3 years’ old then. Since Alinafe’s father was the breadwinner of the house, his demise shattered Alinafe’s primary school education. Her struggles worsened when she moved in with her aunt, who was not employed and depended on menial jobs for survival. The aunt could not manage to put her through school and Alinafe had to labour in farms to raise money for tuition, examination fees and essential school materials. The work was severe and Alinafe, with the help of her aunt, would work from morning till late evening. Things took a rough turn when she reached secondary school. The fees were high and school materials were expensive. She could not take it anymore. She was on the verge of dropping out.

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The sad tale of a desperate father

In 2010, Ramazan, his wife and 2 kids fled from DR Congo to Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The trouble was, when he arrived in the camp, he had no money on him. But that was not the worst part. The hard part was that Ramazan and his family landed in a situation where they had to rely on food rations provided by aid agencies in the refugee camp. This was a life he was not familiar with but which he had to catch up with fast because it was the only means of survival. Supporting his family on food rations which they were supposed to use for a month but which barely lasted two weeks, was a hassle. Without a source of income, a job and support from anyone, Ramazan had no hope of escaping the predicament he found himself in. For close to a decade, this was a life Ramazan endured. What happened six years after his arrival in Dzaleka completely turned his world around.

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The EU visited us!

On 26th October, Virginie Lafleur-Tighe and Lena Veierskov from the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Malawi paid a visit to our vocational training centre. They experienced first hand the major overhaul we have done to our vocational training programme courtesy of the grant the EU awarded us. They also witnessed how the programme has lifted our graduates to a level where they can confidently support their individual wellbeing and families.

Thank you

To our donors, partners and supporters, your selfless support over the years has enabled us to replicate our impact to a large number of people. Your financial, moral, material and spiritual support is what has let us bring positive transformations to over 450 vulnerable refugees and Malawians through our vocational training, leadership development and social enterprise programmes. We deeply value you!

We are one of the charities that Joel Brimmell is fundraising for. Joel volunteered with our social enterprise, Kibebe, in March this year.

He was touched by our work and now he wants to do more. Joel is almost there but he needs your support.

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