Dear Friends!

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas in the company of family, friends and brothers in Christ and a blessed new year.

Walter in shop

As we are at the end of 2018 so many things have happened that is almost impossible to relate all things. The first 7 months I was very busy with the activities from our ministry but also with several travels in Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro and Austria.  Also, we received many guests, teams and groups for a short and medium term. But in beginning of September in returning from a trip in Europe I had a car accident that upside down everything in my life and ministry.

Nun & group

Last week I was surprised to receive a Swiss missionary accompanied by a charismatic Catholic nun and a Catholic leader from the region. They came to visit us and pray to God for my life. At the end the nun as well as the Catholic leader got down on their knees and asked me to pray God for them as the priest of the Highest God.  They showed a lot of humility and recognition of God's authority over our lives.

I have been at home for two weeks being followed by dr. Alberto and dr. Camila who are here to help me with the physiotherapeutic treatment during the holidays. It snowed a lot last week and I could not leave the house for four days. I always thank God that until now I have had almost no negative reaction to the various surgeries. I'm going to continue physical therapy in January again in a private clinic. These treatments target only to strength my muscles and moving around in a wheelchair.  The doctors repeatedly told me that there is no cure for my legs because all the muscles that connected the legs were cut and they could not reattach them. To walk again it will be only through God’s miracle. Thank you from the deep of my heart to you who have prayed for a miracle. everything is possible to those who believes.  “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark.10.27

Many have dreamed and had visions of what I will be walking. Everything is in the hands of God. In a wheelchair or walking I want to continue the work that God put in my hands to do. I have to get used to being dependent on help to change my diapers, take a bath, change my position in the bed, carry me, finally 90% I'm dependent on someone. I thank God for my sister, Amel and the boys from the valley. I have much to thank all of you and your churches who have contributed generously to my treatment and ministry, as well as prayers and intercessions. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to everyone who writes to me. Adapting to this new reality is being very difficult and painful. For I was always on the move and doing something. God bless each of you with many blessings in proportion as you have blessed us.

Walter Gonçalves