Hope November 2018

Psalms 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice , and my cry to him reached his ears . HOLY BIBLE (RSV)

Ann Nyokabi
Centre Director

group shot on grass

Meet some of the Centre children (wearing maroon T-shirts)

PEFA Pastors from Nakuru came to the centre to meet the children and staff. They carried food stuffs, toiletries and clothes

Pastors pose for a group photo with the Centre Director

pastors & Ann

Centre Director introducing centre children to the guests

introducing to guests

Pastors meeting the Centre Director at Centre's Break room

Pastors meeting Ann in break room

Guests greeting the Centre children

guests greet the children

Centre Director and the Centre Administrator welcomes Hillary Williams and Donald Rust from Brecon in UK at MRC

Hillary Williams & Donald Rust

Administration committee chairman poses for a pictures with the Centre Director and the Centre Administrator

Admin committee chairman

Centre's Administrator attending a 2019 planning workshop in Kisumu

planning workshop

The now MRC Office being partitioned

office being partitioned

Day to day activities at the Centre

Child Kiptoo being examined at MRC Dispensary after feeling unwell while in school MRC

dispensary examination

Parents visiting their children at MRC

parents visiting

Children arriving from school for physiotherapy sessions

physiotherapy session

MRC children without next of kin enjoyed the visiting day too

visiting day

MRC Children waiting near the centre gate to be open for them to the church

waiting for the church to open

Muchea’s father came for his child immediately after completing class eight He will be joining secondary school next year

Muchea's father

A parent seeking admission for his child at the Centre - the child was admitted


Mr. Makale brought clothes for the Centre children

Mr Makale

Molo Sub- county hospital MOH Dr. Kirika came to the centre bringing wipes for the children

Dr. Kirika impressed by child Blessing improvement

Dr. Kirika

Child Mokua greeting the doctor at the hostel

Mokua greeting the doctor

Dr Kirika issuing the items he carried for the children to the house mother

Dr. issuing the items

Mr. Rod Smith and Carol Heath Smith from St. Andrews School Turi in Molo, came to the centre to meet children and staff

Centre Director in a talk with Rod smith about Centre children

Rod Smith

Rod Smith speaks to child Mukua

Rod Smith talks with Mukua

Carol Heath Smith having a light moment with child Lydia and Rose. Mr. Langat sitting together with them

Carol Heath Smith

Carol Smith talks to centre staff Fanice about child Blessing

Carol Smith talks with staff Fanice

Students of PCEA Elburgon school celebrate completing Kenya Certificate of Secondary education (KCSE) at MRC. They volunteered in helping the Centre staff for a day. They also carried food for themselves and children, slippers for children and sweets

Arriving at MRC

student arriving

Assisting in repairing the Centre fence

repairing fence

Helping in splitting the firewood

Helping in splitting the firewood

Washing children clothes

washing clothes

Weeding the flower beds

weeding flower beds

Preparing lunch for themselves and centre children and staff

making lunch

Cleaning the dairy section

cleaning dairy section

Cutting the cake together with children

cutting the cake

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children

- Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre

- Thank God for our staff .

- Thank God for PCEA form four childen for giving a much needed help at MRC.

- Thank God for Mr. Makale for donating assorted clothes to children and staff .

- Thank God for Doctor Kirika( Molo District Hospital MOH) for donating wipes to our children

- Thank God for the PEFA Pastors from Nakuru who donated foodstuffs for our children.

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued support of Centre Director’s salary

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors.

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots.

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries.

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.

- We need volunteer nurse or anyone in the medical field.

- For provision of money for the centers repainting and repairs .

- Provision of a 32 seater vehicle. The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

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