Walter & group

Brothers and sisters, I want you to know that the things that have happened to me have actually advanced the gospel. Phi.1.12

I would like to update our news as many asks how I am doing after a car accident few months ago.

I am so thankful God for all the letters and words of encouragement and much more for the prayers that has been lifted to God in my behalf. God is listening and answering. In His time all things will be accomplished.

From beginning December until now, I have been at home receiving home care and helping the local church and helping manage the different activities of our Grace valley and Day care center. I am going to the office every day for a few hours and participating in the church meetings during the week.

Walter and friends in Belgium

Last week I flew to Belgium with Amel to visit my Belgium parents of heart, they are becoming old and sick and trying to sell their property as they cannot anymore take care of it. Three of the boys from the farm went also by car with my sister Penha and a Brazilian family who spent a few weeks in Bosnia with us and went with them to Belgium for a survey trip, to find out where God is willing them to serve.

It was a good experience for me to do this trip as It was the first time that I spent more than 8 hours seated in the airports and the airplane. Praise God everything went well. I still need to keep my medical treatment so next week I will return to the rehabilitation center in Fojnica. I still struggling with catheters and urine infections. Little by little I am getting muscles but I still having a lot of pains. One day it will cease.

Our church has gone through very difficult times after my accident, but God has done tremendous things, one of those things as several missionaries, pastors and leaders from other churches and communities came on to help our church when they heard that I was injured at the hospital. We could see a unity to serve not Walter’s church or the protestant church of Zenica, but the church of God who was hurted by my accident, it was probably the first time that everyone came together to support a local church in the times of troubles. Praise God for that unity and care from the Bosnian churches toward the church in Zenica.

In February from the 08 to 10 we will have our winter church retreat to strength fellowship, communion and seek God’s direction and vision for this year. Brother Lorenz will lead the bible studies and we will have Donald Solano among us as my sister Penha and Brunelly, a youth who is coming to serve in Zenica for one year. Sonja from Switzerland has joined our ministry for one year also. We are also planning to have baptism in February for Gods glory.

Last week some of our youth hold a VBS (the incredible Journey) at the church place, some kids decided for Christ and in the following Sunday service, they participated telling their experiences. A new generation is emerging in our community.

I would like to ask your prayers concerning the work of the Grace Valley. As I am limited by my accident, I cannot do things as I did before and this work needs a lot of energy to manage the farm, the Half-way house and the Homeless shelter. I need to keep my treatment for several months more if I want to be independent in a wheel chair. So, pray with us for a couple, family or a man who could come for one year or more to serve in this specific ministry.

Before, my body followed my brain, but today, my brain needs to follow my body and for me it is difficult, as I am dependent on someone else to help me in my basics needs.

car crashed

This morning one of our cars had a crash with another vehicle when he went to the city to drive a kid to school. The roads were not cleaned enough and was iced in the moment of the accident. Praise God that no one was injured, only the cars were damaged.

Keep us and our people in your prayers and thoughts. May God bless you and provide for all your needs as you provide for others.

Walter Goncalves