IT Tender Ministries, Manila, Philippines

Length and Time start date – open

Individual or Team

You would be serving the children and poor families in Metro Manila alongside existing Teams comprised of nationals and long term missionaries. The main focus is education for the Street children & youth of the area while sharing God’s love with them.

Options to serve include being an assistant in IT Tender’s nutrition/feeding programme for children, assisting in after-school tutorials and youth discipleship programme, assisting in Sunday School.

These programmes continue throughout the year. At other specific times there are opportunities to help in Summer Reading Camp (April time). Many special events for the children and families are held leading up to Christmas.

Any skills e.g. music, drama, that an applicant may have, would be encouraged and used during a placement time.

Costs – depends on length of placement.


Threads of Hope Hellas, Athens, Greece

Length and Time start date – open from 7 days up.

Individual or Team

"Threads of Hope restores hope to exploited women in Europe. We aim to provide life-changing opportunities through employment and training. We invite exploited women to our training programme where we teach both sewing skills and life skills. We provide a holistic training programme, Greek and English lessons, emotional and spiritual support and other training dependent upon the person’s needs. We aim to empower women to be confident about starting a new chapter in their lives - lives free from abuse, discrimination, intimidation and fear".

The aim at Threads of Hope is to expand our training programme and work area. We are at capacity in both and can no longer accept new women. Therefore, we have signed a new rental contract for a new premises in Athens, where we hope to start a new training programme in April. The new premises is in need of a facelift. It is in need of painting & cleaning; we need to buy and build furniture and while this is all happening, care for the women we already have employed and the women and children in the training program. We need people to come and help us do this for whatever period of time they can. If you can decorate, clean, baby sit and much more we need you.

Cost – depends of length of placement.


The Orphanage at Berega, Tanzania

Length and Time start date – open

Individual or Team

The Orphanage cares for around 20-24 babies whose mothers have died in childbirth. They are cared for the first 2 years of life after which they are usually able to return to their families. Close contact with the family is maintained because a sister or cousin of the baby comes to live in The Orphanage to help to care for the baby. These girls are called ‘binties’ and learn mothercraft skills as well as continuing their general education.

Opportunity to help with the care of the babies in The Orphanage.

Cost – depends on length of placement.


Holiday Programme with YASHA Ministry, Kenya

Length and Time start date – April 2019

Individual or Team

YASHA Ministry is planning on running a holiday programme during April 2019 in the remote village of ‘Lomolo’ in Kenya. YASHA is currently setting up a ministry base here, living with the Kalenjin tribe.

There will be opportunities to help with the children’s weekly reading club, with games, arts & crafts, skits, to build a hut made from plastic water/soda bottles, reach out to the village through house visits and workshops and to paint recycled and upcycled furniture and plant containers etc.

If you’re an adventurer and ready to display God’s love in the heart of East Africa, then this is for you.

Cost – TBA


*All applicants/Teams for a placement will go through our application process which will include a DBS check and a time of training before departure. On advice from each location, a budget will be given for each placement which will cover the basic costs of that placement. It will not cover personal costs and with flexible exchange rates the budget will be finalised nearer to the time of serving. International Teams UK includes a training, DBS and organisational fee on each placement.


Interested – please fill out our next step form or contact Anthony on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01685 648688.