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Meet some of Centre children ready for church during one of the Sundays in January.

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Ann Nyokabi

As we start the new month of February, I want to thank God for he has been good and faithful to me since I came to MRC. He also enabled my safe delivery and my daughter is doing great and growing fast ;thanks to God. I want to thank IT teams for being there for us I n times of need. I pray God to bless you with joy, peace and always fill you with blessings when you call unto him. I also take this chance to diagnosis PEFA Church for prayers and support. Also the Kingdom Builders Foundation (KBF) for their support in ensuring we have a Mini Clinical Laboratory. MRC fraternity is very grateful. Children diagnosis and treatment is now easy and fast. I also thank MRC staff for their continued care to our children. Lastly I want to thank all our donors for the support both financially and spiritually. May God bless you abundantly.

ANN Nyokabi
Centre Director

Students in MRC returns after a long December holiday with their families. The school term is packed with various activities among them the joining of form one to our students and admission of new children to MRC family.

child Samson

Child Samson Njonge arriving at MRC escorted by his father.

child Muchea

Child Muchea George with his father.

Mary Bosibori and her aunt

Child Mary Bosibori arriving with her Aunt.

Wacuka & grandmother

Child Wacuka with her grandmother - her mother separated with her father over the holiday.

Bidan with his mother

Child Bidan arriving escorted by his mother.

Kiprop & his father

Child Kiprop brought by his father.

Wallace dressed for school

Child Wallace arrived and dressed for school.

Youth Kiptoo

Youth Kiptoo was ready for school on arrival.

Youth Muchea

Youth Muchea dressed ready to join Form one.


Child Kariuki too in school uniform ready for school.


Child Mbugua dressed for school.

Youth Okasa

Youth Okasa came to MRC to say hi to MRC children. He is in Ngara School For The Deaf.

New admissions

There continues to be a steady increase in the number of children with disability seeking admission at MRC. We have been forced to take in the most needy cases due to financial constraints.

Mercy Cherotich

Child Mercy Cherotich dressed in blue . Mentally handicapped.

Moses Mwangi

Child Moses Mwangi, suffering from spina bifida.

John Bosco Ochieng

 Child John Bosco Ochieng. Physically handicapped.

Peris Nyambura

Child Peris Nyambura on the left. Mentally challenged.

Elizabeth Kerubo

Child Elizabeth Kerubo, physically challenged.

Grace Mumbi

Child Grace Mumbi , physically challenged.

Emmanuel Sikukuu

In Maroon track suit is Emmanuel Sikukuu. Mentally challenged.

keeping the environment clean

Children engaged in keeping their environment clean.

After being out of the country for two months, it was time for the physiotherapist to greet children and check in on the progress since the last session in November 2018.

physio 1    physio 2

physio 3    physio 4

A team of doctors from county government came to MRC to partner with MRC dispensary in health promotion programme open day at MRC.

arrival of county docs

Arrival of County Doctors.

the queue was long

The queue was long waiting for the start of the exercise.

welcoming the doctors

Centre director and Centre Clinical Officer welcoming the Doctors at MRC.

The treatment underway.


The elderly were not left behind.

area chief & assistant

Area chief and his assistant came for the services too.

women with young children

Women with young children had their own doctor to attend to them and their children.

Time for doctors to have tea after a busy day.

Matumaini Rehabilitation Mini Clinical Laboratory. Thanks to Kingdom Builders Foundation for making it a reality. Some of the items are in the pictures below.

mini clinical lab 1 mini clinical lab 2   



Biochemistry analyzer

Biochemistry analyzer



autoclave 18L

Autoclave 18L

lab incubator

Lab incubator



lab assistant arranging items

Lab assistant arranging items in the MRC Laboratory

delivery of lab items

Delivery of laboratory items

Laboratory Items arranged

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children.

- Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre.

- Thank God for our staff.

- Thank God for Kingdom Builders Foundation for enabling MRC have a mini Medical Laboratory.

- Thank God for Doctor Kirika( Molo District Hospital MOH) for making an open clinical day a success.

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers.

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta.

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued support of Centre Director’s salary.

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors.

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones.

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots.

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries.

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.

- We need volunteer nurse or anyone in the medical field.

- For provision of money for the centers repainting and repairs .

- Provision of a 32 seats vehicle. The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

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