Hope November 2018

Psalms 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice , and my cry to him reached his ears . HOLY BIBLE (RSV)

Ann Nyokabi
Centre Director

group shot on grass

Meet some of the Centre children (wearing maroon T-shirts)

PEFA Pastors from Nakuru came to the centre to meet the children and staff. They carried food stuffs, toiletries and clothes

Pastors pose for a group photo with the Centre Director

pastors & Ann

Centre Director introducing centre children to the guests

introducing to guests

Pastors meeting the Centre Director at Centre's Break room

Pastors meeting Ann in break room

Guests greeting the Centre children

guests greet the children

Centre Director and the Centre Administrator welcomes Hillary Williams and Donald Rust from Brecon in UK at MRC

Hillary Williams & Donald Rust

Administration committee chairman poses for a pictures with the Centre Director and the Centre Administrator

Admin committee chairman

Centre's Administrator attending a 2019 planning workshop in Kisumu

planning workshop

The now MRC Office being partitioned

office being partitioned

Day to day activities at the Centre

Child Kiptoo being examined at MRC Dispensary after feeling unwell while in school MRC

dispensary examination

Parents visiting their children at MRC

parents visiting

Children arriving from school for physiotherapy sessions

physiotherapy session

MRC children without next of kin enjoyed the visiting day too

visiting day

MRC Children waiting near the centre gate to be open for them to the church

waiting for the church to open

Muchea’s father came for his child immediately after completing class eight He will be joining secondary school next year

Muchea's father

A parent seeking admission for his child at the Centre - the child was admitted


Mr. Makale brought clothes for the Centre children

Mr Makale

Molo Sub- county hospital MOH Dr. Kirika came to the centre bringing wipes for the children

Dr. Kirika impressed by child Blessing improvement

Dr. Kirika

Child Mokua greeting the doctor at the hostel

Mokua greeting the doctor

Dr Kirika issuing the items he carried for the children to the house mother

Dr. issuing the items

Mr. Rod Smith and Carol Heath Smith from St. Andrews School Turi in Molo, came to the centre to meet children and staff

Centre Director in a talk with Rod smith about Centre children

Rod Smith

Rod Smith speaks to child Mukua

Rod Smith talks with Mukua

Carol Heath Smith having a light moment with child Lydia and Rose. Mr. Langat sitting together with them

Carol Heath Smith

Carol Smith talks to centre staff Fanice about child Blessing

Carol Smith talks with staff Fanice

Students of PCEA Elburgon school celebrate completing Kenya Certificate of Secondary education (KCSE) at MRC. They volunteered in helping the Centre staff for a day. They also carried food for themselves and children, slippers for children and sweets

Arriving at MRC

student arriving

Assisting in repairing the Centre fence

repairing fence

Helping in splitting the firewood

Helping in splitting the firewood

Washing children clothes

washing clothes

Weeding the flower beds

weeding flower beds

Preparing lunch for themselves and centre children and staff

making lunch

Cleaning the dairy section

cleaning dairy section

Cutting the cake together with children

cutting the cake

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children

- Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre

- Thank God for our staff .

- Thank God for PCEA form four childen for giving a much needed help at MRC.

- Thank God for Mr. Makale for donating assorted clothes to children and staff .

- Thank God for Doctor Kirika( Molo District Hospital MOH) for donating wipes to our children

- Thank God for the PEFA Pastors from Nakuru who donated foodstuffs for our children.

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued support of Centre Director’s salary

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors.

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots.

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries.

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.

- We need volunteer nurse or anyone in the medical field.

- For provision of money for the centers repainting and repairs .

- Provision of a 32 seater vehicle. The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Greetings from Sunny cold Bristol.

As we write this, we are having a breather in our friend’s warm kitchen in Bristol enjoying the sun streaming through the glass door. We have just completed a marathon few days culminating in 14 hours in Southmead Hospital Bristol, where Chris had the second phase of surgery for a Melanoma on his foot diagnosed in August. We arrived back from India on Saturday (8th Dec) and have been down to Newnham and Bristol, back up to London, a night in Worthing then across to Bristol for the operation, then we transfer to Hampshire to Chris’ step mum (Maureen), where we will be until after Christmas.

We give God thanks for another busy challenging year through which we have seen His faithfulness and keeping. Truly ‘Great is His faithfulness’.


The beginning of the year saw us in Kenya seeking to hand on the project to MOHI (Missions of Hope International). We were able to sign an agreement with them just before our return to India in January. In the end we felt it right to only handover the main project compound to them with responsibility for all the children and families in our care. We retained the children in our children’s house and the other properties. Our aim is to work in partnership with them to continue to see lives transformed in Molo.

Our present drive is to raise funds to build a permanent house for the children who we will maintain under a foster care arrangement and run a short-term rescue centre for children in crisis. We have also continued to administer the sponsored children fund.

Sonia was back in Kenya in March to tie up loose ends and then we were both there in June for the official handover ceremony. We have continued to be encouraged by the good results being gained by our children in school and really excited that three more youngsters graduated from Higher education this year, one with a diploma in Architecture, one with a BSC Honors in Counselling Psychology and another with BSc Honors in Chemical Engineering.

Then at the beginning of June, we had a very pleasant, but short trip across to Belfast to visit some MSCP supporters.

We would value your prayers as we continue to seek God for the next phase of MSCP. Also, as we wait for the results of Chris’s lymph node biopsy in 2 to 3 week’s time. We know that God is in control and He has our times and seasons in His very able hands. All praise and Glory to Him!!

Wishing you All a blessed Christmas and great 2019.
Chris and Sonia Donnan

Molo Street Children Project

Newsletter Number 36 December 2018

“I tell you the truth, whatsoever you did for the least of these… you did to me” Matt 25v40


Dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope this year has treated you well. As we look back at 2018, we are deeply grateful to God for seeing us through all seasons. We also greatly value your partnership and commitment to our ministry. Following is a brief review of what has happened in the last quarter of the year.

MSCP has seven children studying in MOHI school, Molo Centre from PP1- Grade 3. The school gives quality education, based on Christian values. Our children did very well; an assurance of a promising bright future for them. We had twelveClass 8 candidates in other local schools who also did well, with more than half scoring above 250/500 marks. The challenge now, however, is transiting to Secondary schools with the high start-up cost that most of our parents/guardians are not able to raise. Kindly pray with us for God’s provision and ifpossible give whatever the Lord enables.

Third term was quite a short term followed by two months of holiday. This necessitated that we put a plan in place to ensure that our children are engaged in what will add value to their lives. Fortunately, we have a resident pastor who volunteered to conduct Vocational Bible School for the children. The Pastor ensured that all the children were considered and able to fully engage with activities. The children really enjoyed the lessons and we thank God for Pastor Gift.

 MSCP pic 2   MSCP pic 3         

Every December the children look forward to the outing courtesy of Sharon Barbour, a Sponsor from UK. Unfortunately, Sharon missed last year, so I had many questions to answer and there was so much expectation to meet for this year’s Fun-Day. Before the Dday, we had 2 days of crafts and coloring with the theme of Christmas. The children made Christmas cards to give to their families. The effort, heart and love that went into it accompanied every stroke of the pen.

The fun-day finally came, and the children enjoyed every fun-game, the meals and to crown it all, the swimming! God bless you Sharon for making this happen!


As the holiday season begins, please pray with us to make the new Children’s House a reality next year. It is our joy to yet again wish you a blessed Christmas and prosperous 2019.

Merry Christmas!

Yours in His Service, Tabitha Nyaga

For MSCP Family


If you would like to help with any of these specific needs, or to give a general donation to the work through a UK bank account, it is best to give through ITeams UK, so that your donation can be Gift Aided, if you are a UK tax payer. Please send your gift, with the Gift Aid form to: International Teams U.K. Trust, PO Box 11, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9WJ, Wales.

If you are in Kenya, please ask for details of our Kenyan account; if elsewhere in the world, please contact us for details of payment methods.

 Web: www.molostreetchildren.org.uk

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 0736 234496 or 0725 478922

Molo Street Children Project, PO Box 261, Molo, Kenya, 20106

Dear Friends!

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas in the company of family, friends and brothers in Christ and a blessed new year.

Walter in shop

As we are at the end of 2018 so many things have happened that is almost impossible to relate all things. The first 7 months I was very busy with the activities from our ministry but also with several travels in Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro and Austria.  Also, we received many guests, teams and groups for a short and medium term. But in beginning of September in returning from a trip in Europe I had a car accident that upside down everything in my life and ministry.

Nun & group

Last week I was surprised to receive a Swiss missionary accompanied by a charismatic Catholic nun and a Catholic leader from the region. They came to visit us and pray to God for my life. At the end the nun as well as the Catholic leader got down on their knees and asked me to pray God for them as the priest of the Highest God.  They showed a lot of humility and recognition of God's authority over our lives.

I have been at home for two weeks being followed by dr. Alberto and dr. Camila who are here to help me with the physiotherapeutic treatment during the holidays. It snowed a lot last week and I could not leave the house for four days. I always thank God that until now I have had almost no negative reaction to the various surgeries. I'm going to continue physical therapy in January again in a private clinic. These treatments target only to strength my muscles and moving around in a wheelchair.  The doctors repeatedly told me that there is no cure for my legs because all the muscles that connected the legs were cut and they could not reattach them. To walk again it will be only through God’s miracle. Thank you from the deep of my heart to you who have prayed for a miracle. everything is possible to those who believes.  “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark.10.27

Many have dreamed and had visions of what I will be walking. Everything is in the hands of God. In a wheelchair or walking I want to continue the work that God put in my hands to do. I have to get used to being dependent on help to change my diapers, take a bath, change my position in the bed, carry me, finally 90% I'm dependent on someone. I thank God for my sister, Amel and the boys from the valley. I have much to thank all of you and your churches who have contributed generously to my treatment and ministry, as well as prayers and intercessions. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to everyone who writes to me. Adapting to this new reality is being very difficult and painful. For I was always on the move and doing something. God bless each of you with many blessings in proportion as you have blessed us.

Walter Gonçalves




God’s Love
by Mercy Teete

Greetings from Athens

Nea Zoi - Praise God that Nea Zoi is seeing an increase in the number of girls requiring help and support to go and see a Doctor. 

Please be praying as we require more volunteers to help with the visits

Christmas Outreaches - This year for the Christmas outreaches we gave out gifts -
cookies, purses, candle holders and Christmas cards to all the women and men we work with.


With the support of a short term team from YWAM we put into gift bags 500 purses for the women out on the streets
and in the brothels and 40 candle holders for the men.


My Wednesday morning Outreach team of 3 has been enlarged to 12 people and in 2 teams we gave out the gifts,
cookies and Christmas cards to all the women in our patch. We shared with the women that the purses were made
by women in India who had left prostitution.


Many of the women were overjoyed at receiving the gifts. The giving of gifts to the women and men is a way to show love
and also tell them Jesus is the alternative to prostitution.

Threads of Hope -  As a staff team we are really excited about what is happening, instead of 4 women we are now employing
5 and instead of 1 trainee we now have 4  who come with babies and one toddler. We cannot accept any more women onto the
training programme as we have completely run out of equipment and space.


 sew machines at window

Bigger space - We are currently negotiating with a Landlord to rent bigger premises so we can employ as many girls
as possible.  If this goes according to plan it will increase our costs, because at present we do not have money to cover new equipment,
new space and decorating. We have set up a fundraising page, so, please be praying about this.

Cutter/Assistants required - With the director I continue to support the  women with cutting material for them to make bags and other things.
Recently there has been an increase in the numbers of orders received and even though the women are working quickly to make the bags
we are finding we need more people to cut material and assist with looking after the babies and one toddler. 
Please be praying for more long term volunteers to join the team.


Mercy and cloth 

Bible study/Devotion - We always want God to touch and equip the women with the knowledge of Him so on a
Monday and Thursday morning I join the women for a time of bible study.  Since September - November we have been studying
John chapter 1 learning about how Jesus is the word and how John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus. 
The women always ask questions they grapple with  in their lives  and I always point them back to Jesus.

Advent Calendar - In December we have been using an advent Calendar to learn about the Christmas story -
Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds and the angels.


advent calendar 

Once a week I help one of the women to read better using a children's bible. Please be praying she will want to continue
with the session after Christmas.

The Salvation Army -  We continue to see 10-30 women and men come for Sunday lunch at the Greenlight Project
and once a month hand out hygiene products - shower gel, shampoo toothpaste and other things.

We are seeing a rising number of women who are being supported to see a doctor, moving on from prostitution
and being supported emotionally.

In the team we take it in turn to share a message, please be praying that they hear and receive it. Also pray for more volunteers to come
and help with Sunday lunch at present we only have 4 regular volunteers and when 30 women attend it can become very busy.

Christmas Outreaches - This year during outreach they gave out 50 gifts - shower gel and sponge to the women and men out on the streets. 
Praise God that they had to give out an extra 20 gifts because more and more women are beginning to know
about the Salvation Army Green Light Project .

Green Light Drop-in Centre - The Salvation Army will soon be opening a centre for the women who work on the streets,
they have employed 2 Support Worker to work in it. Please be praying this all goes well.

Connect Drop in Centre -In the last 6 months a drop-in centre has opened close to where I live, mainly refugees,
homeless people and others attend. 

I go there for about 2 hours most Saturdays to help and support the team by chatting with the people who come,
giving out snacks, playing games and making arts and crafts with them.


We also give out clothing for adults, children and babies and we always share a short message from the bible.


For His Glory







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