God’s Love
by Mercy Teete

Greetings from Athens

Nea Zoi - Praise God that Nea Zoi is seeing an increase in the number of girls requiring help and support to go and see a Doctor. 

Please be praying as we require more volunteers to help with the visits

Christmas Outreaches - This year for the Christmas outreaches we gave out gifts -
cookies, purses, candle holders and Christmas cards to all the women and men we work with.


With the support of a short term team from YWAM we put into gift bags 500 purses for the women out on the streets
and in the brothels and 40 candle holders for the men.


My Wednesday morning Outreach team of 3 has been enlarged to 12 people and in 2 teams we gave out the gifts,
cookies and Christmas cards to all the women in our patch. We shared with the women that the purses were made
by women in India who had left prostitution.


Many of the women were overjoyed at receiving the gifts. The giving of gifts to the women and men is a way to show love
and also tell them Jesus is the alternative to prostitution.

Threads of Hope -  As a staff team we are really excited about what is happening, instead of 4 women we are now employing
5 and instead of 1 trainee we now have 4  who come with babies and one toddler. We cannot accept any more women onto the
training programme as we have completely run out of equipment and space.


 sew machines at window

Bigger space - We are currently negotiating with a Landlord to rent bigger premises so we can employ as many girls
as possible.  If this goes according to plan it will increase our costs, because at present we do not have money to cover new equipment,
new space and decorating. We have set up a fundraising page, so, please be praying about this.

Cutter/Assistants required - With the director I continue to support the  women with cutting material for them to make bags and other things.
Recently there has been an increase in the numbers of orders received and even though the women are working quickly to make the bags
we are finding we need more people to cut material and assist with looking after the babies and one toddler. 
Please be praying for more long term volunteers to join the team.


Mercy and cloth 

Bible study/Devotion - We always want God to touch and equip the women with the knowledge of Him so on a
Monday and Thursday morning I join the women for a time of bible study.  Since September - November we have been studying
John chapter 1 learning about how Jesus is the word and how John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus. 
The women always ask questions they grapple with  in their lives  and I always point them back to Jesus.

Advent Calendar - In December we have been using an advent Calendar to learn about the Christmas story -
Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds and the angels.


advent calendar 

Once a week I help one of the women to read better using a children's bible. Please be praying she will want to continue
with the session after Christmas.

The Salvation Army -  We continue to see 10-30 women and men come for Sunday lunch at the Greenlight Project
and once a month hand out hygiene products - shower gel, shampoo toothpaste and other things.

We are seeing a rising number of women who are being supported to see a doctor, moving on from prostitution
and being supported emotionally.

In the team we take it in turn to share a message, please be praying that they hear and receive it. Also pray for more volunteers to come
and help with Sunday lunch at present we only have 4 regular volunteers and when 30 women attend it can become very busy.

Christmas Outreaches - This year during outreach they gave out 50 gifts - shower gel and sponge to the women and men out on the streets. 
Praise God that they had to give out an extra 20 gifts because more and more women are beginning to know
about the Salvation Army Green Light Project .

Green Light Drop-in Centre - The Salvation Army will soon be opening a centre for the women who work on the streets,
they have employed 2 Support Worker to work in it. Please be praying this all goes well.

Connect Drop in Centre -In the last 6 months a drop-in centre has opened close to where I live, mainly refugees,
homeless people and others attend. 

I go there for about 2 hours most Saturdays to help and support the team by chatting with the people who come,
giving out snacks, playing games and making arts and crafts with them.


We also give out clothing for adults, children and babies and we always share a short message from the bible.


For His Glory







Threads of Hope has launched a fundraising campaign.

One of our new training lady and her 4 month old baby.  The Need:

The last month we realized that we have reached our capacity at our current location.

We employee 5 staff - each one sewing and creating wonderful products you are buying and loving. Every item purchased pays the wages, healthcare, rent and other costs associated with running a successful business.

We want to be able to change more lives by making our training program better than ever.

We can only do this by renting a bigger space. We can only do this by buying new equipment. We can only do this with you!

Can you help change a life this Christmas by investing in our training program?

Find Out More & Donate

We came back to the office at the beginning of September after our summer break. Over the summer we had received a lot of orders to get us started - even orders for Christmas! Thank you to those who have been praying and supporting us. The girls came back ready for action and sewing with a whole new level of zeal and commitment, and you can really see that in their work.

As many of you will have read, we started a new sewing programme back in June. Two girls came to the office twice a week for sewing lessons, both of them leaving a life of prostitution behind them.

One of them is taking a short break after having a healthy baby boy in August. She came with him to visit us this week and he is beautiful. We look forward to having them both in the office very soon.

The second woman has been coming to the office every day. Since day one she has been working extra hard to get those stitches straight and seams together. At the beginning she was worried she would never be able to achieve the high standard we require of our products. This week we offered her employment as of the 1st of November on a part time contract. Her dedication and determination have been a wonder to watch and we look forward to her continued growth as she masters new threads of hope items.

Please pray as we start planning our next training programme in collaboration with Nea Zoi and other NGOs in Athens supporting women in prostitution.

All our fabric comes from a single shop in the center of Athens. This shop weaves the fabric in the family run business also in Athens. We have a wonderful working relationship with them and that is how we can guarantee all our fabric is 100% Greek cotton, made here in Athens.

We have had some great teams visit us these past couple of weeks. They prayed and sang worship. They cut out patterns and took photos and were a real joy to host. For every person who walks through the door, sent an email, gave a donation, brought or sold our products - thank you. This isn’t possible without you.

Christmas seemed so far away in July when we started planning but we blinked and now it’s October. Our customers are so excited about our Christmas gifts. We are completing and sending out orders all over the world. This is a pack of 2 kitchen towels tied with a bow ready to give to your favourite people. If you are interested in purchasing these send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are interested in bulk ordering from us we will have our wholesale information ready for you in November. We are working with business men and women from all over the world to get the right information together to benefit all parties. We love working with different organisation to created products that you and your customers will love. Please get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think we could partner together.

From the ashes rose hope

Alinafe’s tough ride with education started way back in primary school when her father died in a tragic car accident. She was 3 years’ old then. Since Alinafe’s father was the breadwinner of the house, his demise shattered Alinafe’s primary school education. Her struggles worsened when she moved in with her aunt, who was not employed and depended on menial jobs for survival. The aunt could not manage to put her through school and Alinafe had to labour in farms to raise money for tuition, examination fees and essential school materials. The work was severe and Alinafe, with the help of her aunt, would work from morning till late evening. Things took a rough turn when she reached secondary school. The fees were high and school materials were expensive. She could not take it anymore. She was on the verge of dropping out.

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The sad tale of a desperate father

In 2010, Ramazan, his wife and 2 kids fled from DR Congo to Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The trouble was, when he arrived in the camp, he had no money on him. But that was not the worst part. The hard part was that Ramazan and his family landed in a situation where they had to rely on food rations provided by aid agencies in the refugee camp. This was a life he was not familiar with but which he had to catch up with fast because it was the only means of survival. Supporting his family on food rations which they were supposed to use for a month but which barely lasted two weeks, was a hassle. Without a source of income, a job and support from anyone, Ramazan had no hope of escaping the predicament he found himself in. For close to a decade, this was a life Ramazan endured. What happened six years after his arrival in Dzaleka completely turned his world around.

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The EU visited us!

On 26th October, Virginie Lafleur-Tighe and Lena Veierskov from the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Malawi paid a visit to our vocational training centre. They experienced first hand the major overhaul we have done to our vocational training programme courtesy of the grant the EU awarded us. They also witnessed how the programme has lifted our graduates to a level where they can confidently support their individual wellbeing and families.

Thank you

To our donors, partners and supporters, your selfless support over the years has enabled us to replicate our impact to a large number of people. Your financial, moral, material and spiritual support is what has let us bring positive transformations to over 450 vulnerable refugees and Malawians through our vocational training, leadership development and social enterprise programmes. We deeply value you!

We are one of the charities that Joel Brimmell is fundraising for. Joel volunteered with our social enterprise, Kibebe, in March this year.

He was touched by our work and now he wants to do more. Joel is almost there but he needs your support.

Want to help? Visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/joel-brimmell-1 or  https://web.facebook.com/groups/242981173081618 to learn more and to donate. 

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