before breakfast on Christmas Day

Some of Centre children just before taking breakfast on Christmas day

heading 1          Hope December 2018

Its Christmas: “The most wonderful time of the year”


Christmas cake

Christmas Cake

New years cake

Ann and baby

MRC Director and her daughter Heavenly Joy Njambi.

Christmas time in Kenya is a time when families try to be with one another. Popular food include goat meat, chicken and chapatti. At MRC , it was filled with special activities – holiday trip, meals and playing.

Some of the menu for Christmas

chips          ndengu

chips, chicken and Ndengu

eating the Christmas meal

Staff and children eating the Christmas meal.

soda after lunch

After a heavy lunch, soda was ready. Harun Nikose kept asking for Coke.

Boxing day is a public holiday in Kenya, its another day of celebrating ,seeing friends and family. Some of the menu for the day is pictured below.

breakfast....sausage, fruits & eggsausages   mashed pots, cabbage & carrots     

Breakfast: tea, sausage, fruits and an egg, sausage and later for lunch: mashed potatoes and cabbage with carrots

having breakfast

Children having breakfast.

fruit juice break

Time for a fruit juice.

eating Boxing day lunch

Staff and children eating the Boxing day lunch.

time to stretch

Time to stretch after a day full of fun.

Kenya ushered new year in style as celebratory wave swept across the country , from capital city to the Counties. At MRC, all was set to welcome 2019. children woke up early to prepare for the festivities lined up for them. Pilau, chapati , beef and cake were ready.

pilau   chapatti   cake & ice cream

Pilau, chapatti, cake & ice cream.

children in joyous mood

Children in joyous mood as they welcome new year 2019.

child Rose cutting the cake

Child Rose being assisted by the administrator to cut the New year’s cake which was served with ice cream and soda.

A day trip to lake Nakuru National park offered a well worth wildlife experience to MRC children and staff. They were ecstatic to see the lion, giraffe, buffalo, water backs and flamingos.

ready to leave on the trip

Ready to leave MRC.

seeing the baboons

At Baboon view point in Lake Nakuru.

seeing the lions

Children exited in seeing the Lions.

packed lunch on trip

Having packed meal at the view point.

the waterfall

The administrator showing the children the waterfall.

group at waterfall

Taking a group photo at the water fall.

snacks before the trip home

Having some refreshments before embarking on the journey home.

bus home

Child Mukua being assisted to alight from the bus at MRC after a long day trip.

MRC children joined the community Members in Celebrating Jamhuri day at a local school ground. Jamhuri day is a national holiday in Kenya, celebrated on 12th December each year.

Jamhuri is a Swahili word for “republic” and the holiday is meant to officially mark the date when Kenya became an independent republic.

children leaving to attend Jamhuri celebrations

Children leaving MRC to attend Jamhuri celebrations.

 community members

Community members enjoying the performance from MRC children.

singing at the celebrations

 Children and Staff Khatenje performing a song at the ceremony.

Youth Kibet leading other children to MRC after the celebrations.

Pastor David Lee paid children a visit at MRC. He brought cash donation of 10,000/= from Carol Thomas ,which was used to buy clothes which the children wore on 26/12/2018.

 Pastor Lee & Pastor Peter in MRC      being shown the menus

Pastor Lee and pastor Peter being taken round MRC by the administrator and being shown the centre menu at the kitchen.


the dormitories     Centre's food store

A visit at the children dormitories and at the Centre food store.

Mr Tom Makale passed by the Centre and gave a donation of assorted clothes to children and staff.

 House mother, Gladys      staff Khatenje

House mother Gladys showing the clothes she received and staff Khatenje dressed in clothes she had received.

 Centre's security guard    Youth Waruguru    Groundsman Luka

The Centre's security Guard received warm clothes, Youth Waruguru dressed in clothes donated to her and Groundsman Luka showing the cloths he received.

Benard Ngondo bought children shoes and new clothes for Christmas. Children looked good in their new outfits.

children in their new outfits       shoe boxes

Children dressed in clothes courtesy of Bernard. Also, shoes bought for the children by Bernard.

diapers      flour

Chris Sounders ensured that children had enough diapers and porridge during this period. The diapers and porridge flour will last for three months.

Youths from PCEA Elburgon Church were not left behind. They volunteered for a day in assisting with daily work at the Centre.

 cleaning dispensary     

Cleaning the MRC Dispensary.


Helping in fetching firewood


Posing for a picture with child Blessing.

Serving children with drinks


Medical laboratory equipments being offloaded from the vehicle at MRC. Thanks to Kingdom Builders for making this possible.


Youth Mike Imani fell and injured his face. He was treated at MRC Dispensary and now almost healed.

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children

- Safety & Security: To God for favour, safety and security in the Centre

- Thank God for our staff

- Thank God for the IT support for the trip and Christmas, boxing and New Year menu

- Thank Bernard Ngondo for supporting children clothes and shoes

- Thanks to Makale for donation of assorted clothes

- Thanks to Carole Tomas for buying children clothes

- Thanks to Chris Sounders for diapers and porridge flour

- Thanks to Kingdom Builders for the Laboratory Equipment

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors

- Thanks to PCEA Youth for their helping hand

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones

 - Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire - That the Lord may sent committed staff and their salaries

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- Pray for our Clinical Officer and her salary

- Pray we get a committed Laboratory Technician and his/her salary

- We need volunteers in all fields - Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer

- Pray for the need of repainting and repairs at the Centre

- Provision of a 32 seater vehicle - The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances - God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Walter & group

Brothers and sisters, I want you to know that the things that have happened to me have actually advanced the gospel. Phi.1.12

I would like to update our news as many asks how I am doing after a car accident few months ago.

I am so thankful God for all the letters and words of encouragement and much more for the prayers that has been lifted to God in my behalf. God is listening and answering. In His time all things will be accomplished.

From beginning December until now, I have been at home receiving home care and helping the local church and helping manage the different activities of our Grace valley and Day care center. I am going to the office every day for a few hours and participating in the church meetings during the week.

Walter and friends in Belgium

Last week I flew to Belgium with Amel to visit my Belgium parents of heart, they are becoming old and sick and trying to sell their property as they cannot anymore take care of it. Three of the boys from the farm went also by car with my sister Penha and a Brazilian family who spent a few weeks in Bosnia with us and went with them to Belgium for a survey trip, to find out where God is willing them to serve.

It was a good experience for me to do this trip as It was the first time that I spent more than 8 hours seated in the airports and the airplane. Praise God everything went well. I still need to keep my medical treatment so next week I will return to the rehabilitation center in Fojnica. I still struggling with catheters and urine infections. Little by little I am getting muscles but I still having a lot of pains. One day it will cease.

Our church has gone through very difficult times after my accident, but God has done tremendous things, one of those things as several missionaries, pastors and leaders from other churches and communities came on to help our church when they heard that I was injured at the hospital. We could see a unity to serve not Walter’s church or the protestant church of Zenica, but the church of God who was hurted by my accident, it was probably the first time that everyone came together to support a local church in the times of troubles. Praise God for that unity and care from the Bosnian churches toward the church in Zenica.

In February from the 08 to 10 we will have our winter church retreat to strength fellowship, communion and seek God’s direction and vision for this year. Brother Lorenz will lead the bible studies and we will have Donald Solano among us as my sister Penha and Brunelly, a youth who is coming to serve in Zenica for one year. Sonja from Switzerland has joined our ministry for one year also. We are also planning to have baptism in February for Gods glory.

Last week some of our youth hold a VBS (the incredible Journey) at the church place, some kids decided for Christ and in the following Sunday service, they participated telling their experiences. A new generation is emerging in our community.

I would like to ask your prayers concerning the work of the Grace Valley. As I am limited by my accident, I cannot do things as I did before and this work needs a lot of energy to manage the farm, the Half-way house and the Homeless shelter. I need to keep my treatment for several months more if I want to be independent in a wheel chair. So, pray with us for a couple, family or a man who could come for one year or more to serve in this specific ministry.

Before, my body followed my brain, but today, my brain needs to follow my body and for me it is difficult, as I am dependent on someone else to help me in my basics needs.

car crashed

This morning one of our cars had a crash with another vehicle when he went to the city to drive a kid to school. The roads were not cleaned enough and was iced in the moment of the accident. Praise God that no one was injured, only the cars were damaged.

Keep us and our people in your prayers and thoughts. May God bless you and provide for all your needs as you provide for others.

Walter Goncalves

December 2018 Newsletter

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For an individual living in the remotest part of Dowa district and struggling to keep his family going financially, Kondwani never thought he would be able to be ‘his own boss’. The idea that one day he would manage to earn more than 100 thousand Kwacha and live in a decent house never occurred to him and, to a certain extent, it sounded ridiculous. Kondwani’s old life revolved around working in maize farms as a labourer and sometimes acting as a middleman by connecting buyers to tobacco farmers. These jobs were too involving and barely made him enough to cater for most of his basic needs. Kondwani had no alternative because these were the only readily available employment opportunities that he was able to find, which is not surprising since the majority of the community that he hails from largely rely on farming. 20-year-old Kondwani lives deep down in a village where farming employs about 90 percent of the informal workforce.

So, to survive Kondwani moved around the village, toiling in gardens and farms and helping clients from the city buy tobacco from village farmers. This went on for six years after he completed secondary school. It was a hard life but it was all he could do.

“The pay was low but the jobs were very difficult,” Kondwani admits, saying that most often he was never paid his wages on time which affected his financial status. Since the money he earned from the small-time jobs was meagre, sometimes Kondwani had to work multiple jobs to make at least a slightly higher earning, which was tough. At that time, the little he made kept him going for a while but everything changed in 2013 when Kondwani married and had a kid. He realized that he could no longer rely on irregular jobs. He was now head of a family with a wife and kid looking up to him for support. His new family brought with it a new, and heavy, responsibility and he either had to increase the number of odd jobs he did to make even more money or switch to a different stable job that could earn him a decent pay.

“I knew that time had come for me to find a permanent source of income. I had to find a job that could give me enough money to take care of my family’s welfare,” Kondwani explained.

However, the difficult question was how to source that permanent source of income. The problem was that Kondwani possessed a secondary school certificate and in Malawi this is a low-end qualification which can hardly enable one to get decent employment. His other option was to launch a business but that was out of the question because Kondwani lacked the financial muscle to establish even the smallest form of business. Besides that, he comes from a rural setting where poverty levels are extremely high and bars people from venturing into businesses.

“…and there was nowhere I could go to obtain a loan. I did not have any surety I could use to secure a loan and that was enough reason to keep me away from approaching institutions that provide loans.” he disclosed. Without financial capability to start a business, a qualification that could not guarantee a well-paying job, a family that was in desperate need of his support and no possible solution in sight, Kondwani’s fate was hanging in limbo.

In 2016 Kondwani’s unhappy events took an unexpected U-turn.

“One day, while walking to the market, I saw an advert announcing an opportunity to register for various vocational training courses at There is Hope.” he said “This was my answer. This was what I had been looking for.” Kondwani registered for carpentry and a month later, he found himself among the 19 students of the first intake of the carpentry class of 2016. There was a good reason he felt motivated to join carpentry…

“I saw a need in my village. You cannot believe it if I tell you that there was only one carpenter in a community that has more than four thousand people. Obviously, one guy could not manage to serve the growing demand of the community and this caused lots of people to travel far in search of other carpenters.” Kondwani’s desire was to fill the yawning gap while at the same time providing quality carpentry services to his community. Most importantly, he explained, it was his gateway to escaping the life of ‘irregular jobs with miserable pay’ that he had been stuck in for close to a decade.

“It was also a stepping stone to establishing my own business which was what I was definitely looking for.” The transformation that Kondwani was looking forward to gradually started showing up when he finished his 6-month carpentry course in August 2016. Upon graduation and powered by the carpentry tools he received, he put up a simple carpentry shed at his home and began making carpentry items.

When word started floating around that there was a new and qualified carpenter in town who was making quality products, it did not take long for Kondwani to attract a good number of customers.

Then the money started flowing in.

“I started getting big orders for doors, beds, dining sets, chairs and so on. For the first time since completing my secondary school, I could make a lot of money very easily and right at home.” Kondwani said, adding that for the first time he was able to earn 50 thousand Kwacha – ten times the money he made when he used to work odd jobs where he received just a little over four thousand Kwacha.

When business is good, Kondwani can earn up to 100 thousand Kwacha in a single month.

The profits he got from his little carpentry business was sufficient enough to enable him to save part of it to build a new house. His old house was a sorry sight, thatched in grass, with tiny windows and plastered with mud.

“You would feel sorry for me if you saw the house that I was once living in.” Kondwani explained “it had no cement floor, it had a tiny one bedroom and the interior was dark because there were two small openings we used as windows.” When it rained, the house leaked profusely and he had to use buckets and pails to hold the water seeping from the roof. As a married man, Kondwani revealed, the house was humiliating and his priority all along had been to move to a decent house.

From the money he saved from his carpentry workshop, Kondwani has since built a good house with two large bedrooms and roofed in brand new iron sheets. It is one of the few decent houses in his neighbourhood. He has even furnished the house with a couch and a nice piece of dining set that he personally made. Furthermore, Kondwani’s 3-year-old kid now attends a private nursery school, courtesy of the carpentry business.

Kondwani does not want his dream to end with a small carpentry shed in his community. He plans to grow the business and employ people to make products. He foresees himself operating a high-end carpentry workshop with lots of artisans.

“I will simply be designing the items and the people I employ will be turning the designs into products.” he declares.

Kondwani’s life has slowly changed. He no longer has to run around, sweating and hunting for undignified petty jobs in maize farms. In the past, he was a regular farm labourer but he is now a respectable carpenter with a reputable way of earning a living.

In January 2018, Kondwani upgraded his skills by enrolling for Carpentry Level 2 in our vocational training programme. He graduated in December of that year and he is now experienced in using advanced electric carpentry machinery. Level 2 Carpentry is one of the courses we introduced courtesy of funding we received from the European Union (EU). Our vocational training programme is now financed by the EU under a 2-year project called ‘Capacity building of vulnerable young adults in Dowa District through vocational training’.

By Isaac Msiska



2018 was the most memorable year in our history so far! It was full of amazing activities, achievements and successes. As we say goodbye to 2018, here are the highlights that made our news in the year. 

 The European Union awarded us a grant

building work

In January, we received funding from the EU to enhance our vocational training programme.
We are constructing hostels for females, a dining hall and four workshops. We also introduced 3 brand new courses to the programme.


We graduated 90 students


Beautiful gowns and sashes made the day on 12 December when we held a graduation ceremony for our vocational training programme.
90 refugees and Malawians graduated in carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying, welding and plumbing.


Hilfe für Brüder (HFB) visited us

Hilfe fur Bruder

We had a very wonderful time with Tobias Messner from Hilfe für BrüderInternational who paid us a visit in November.
HfB is one of our donors and they are funding our Bible School, which is under our Leadership Development Programme.  


Our ED received an SII award

Inno speaking

In November, Innocent Magambi, our Founder and Executive Director (ED), was awarded the prestigious Social Impact Incubator (SII)Ambassador award.
The award is presented by Segal Family Foundation (SFF) to an SII alumnus who has been championing SII.  


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We hope to help Lorna raise funding for Jacob's Well.

Lorna Anupi works with Somali women refugees in Nairobi, Kenya, helping them to earn a living and find a purpose for themselves. Lorna has established programmes of learning and integration through computer skills, English language, tailoring and dressmaking. She has a vision to grow the project, in order to meet the current needs, by investing in more equipment, transport, facilities and staff. 

The Project: Equipment, vehicle, facilities (rent and internet) and staffing for learning projects.

Project Leaders: iTeams UK and Lorna Anupi

Time frame for the project: To have all necessary elements in place as soon as possible.



Hope November 2018

Psalms 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice , and my cry to him reached his ears . HOLY BIBLE (RSV)

Ann Nyokabi
Centre Director

group shot on grass

Meet some of the Centre children (wearing maroon T-shirts)

PEFA Pastors from Nakuru came to the centre to meet the children and staff. They carried food stuffs, toiletries and clothes

Pastors pose for a group photo with the Centre Director

pastors & Ann

Centre Director introducing centre children to the guests

introducing to guests

Pastors meeting the Centre Director at Centre's Break room

Pastors meeting Ann in break room

Guests greeting the Centre children

guests greet the children

Centre Director and the Centre Administrator welcomes Hillary Williams and Donald Rust from Brecon in UK at MRC

Hillary Williams & Donald Rust

Administration committee chairman poses for a pictures with the Centre Director and the Centre Administrator

Admin committee chairman

Centre's Administrator attending a 2019 planning workshop in Kisumu

planning workshop

The now MRC Office being partitioned

office being partitioned

Day to day activities at the Centre

Child Kiptoo being examined at MRC Dispensary after feeling unwell while in school MRC

dispensary examination

Parents visiting their children at MRC

parents visiting

Children arriving from school for physiotherapy sessions

physiotherapy session

MRC children without next of kin enjoyed the visiting day too

visiting day

MRC Children waiting near the centre gate to be open for them to the church

waiting for the church to open

Muchea’s father came for his child immediately after completing class eight He will be joining secondary school next year

Muchea's father

A parent seeking admission for his child at the Centre - the child was admitted


Mr. Makale brought clothes for the Centre children

Mr Makale

Molo Sub- county hospital MOH Dr. Kirika came to the centre bringing wipes for the children

Dr. Kirika impressed by child Blessing improvement

Dr. Kirika

Child Mokua greeting the doctor at the hostel

Mokua greeting the doctor

Dr Kirika issuing the items he carried for the children to the house mother

Dr. issuing the items

Mr. Rod Smith and Carol Heath Smith from St. Andrews School Turi in Molo, came to the centre to meet children and staff

Centre Director in a talk with Rod smith about Centre children

Rod Smith

Rod Smith speaks to child Mukua

Rod Smith talks with Mukua

Carol Heath Smith having a light moment with child Lydia and Rose. Mr. Langat sitting together with them

Carol Heath Smith

Carol Smith talks to centre staff Fanice about child Blessing

Carol Smith talks with staff Fanice

Students of PCEA Elburgon school celebrate completing Kenya Certificate of Secondary education (KCSE) at MRC. They volunteered in helping the Centre staff for a day. They also carried food for themselves and children, slippers for children and sweets

Arriving at MRC

student arriving

Assisting in repairing the Centre fence

repairing fence

Helping in splitting the firewood

Helping in splitting the firewood

Washing children clothes

washing clothes

Weeding the flower beds

weeding flower beds

Preparing lunch for themselves and centre children and staff

making lunch

Cleaning the dairy section

cleaning dairy section

Cutting the cake together with children

cutting the cake

Thanks Giving

- Good Health: To God for the good health and safe keeping of the children

- Safety & Security: To God for favor, safety and security in the Centre

- Thank God for our staff .

- Thank God for PCEA form four childen for giving a much needed help at MRC.

- Thank God for Mr. Makale for donating assorted clothes to children and staff .

- Thank God for Doctor Kirika( Molo District Hospital MOH) for donating wipes to our children

- Thank God for the PEFA Pastors from Nakuru who donated foodstuffs for our children.

- Thank God for the reduction on use of diapers

- For the continued supply of fish by Barbara Banta

- Thank God for PEFA central office for continued support of Centre Director’s salary

- Thank God for all our sponsors and donors.

Prayer Points

- Please pray for the safety and health of the children and for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives.

- Pray for sponsors for our new children and for enough sponsorship for the old ones

- Keep praying for provision of food and food production in our farm plots.

- Keep praying for our staff the current ones and for the ones that we still need to hire. That the Lord may send committed staff and their salaries.

- Please pray for the continued provision of diapers

- We need volunteers in all fields. Pray that the Lord will touch you to become a volunteer.

- We need volunteer nurse or anyone in the medical field.

- For provision of money for the centers repainting and repairs .

- Provision of a 32 seater vehicle. The current Centre’s double cabin cannot move for long distances. God is able!

PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre

P.O. Box 1086, Molo, 20106 Kenya

Mob: +254 723201779 (Office hours only)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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