Mohammad was born and raised in Syria, in a conservative Muslim family. However, as he got older, he started having more doubts about Islam. He fled Syria as a refugee in 2014, and began working in a textile factory for a year. Every day he listened to a series of Christian videos on YouTube, becoming more convinced of the truth of Christianity. One day he prayed along with the video to declare Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. That day, God began transforming his heart.

He says "I started to feel that my mission in life was to see people from my background, who are oppressed or deceived by their faith, come to know Christ and have light after years of darkness. My mission is to help people from my background to see the truth, the beauty of Christ, and the huge difference between Christ in the Quran and Christ in the Bible. My vision is to see the Arabic fellowship in my city acting as a community and a family, as many who have come out of Islam have lost their families and communities."

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