Long Term Vacancies

Long Term Vacancies

There are Long Term opportunities at all of our ministry locations, please contact us for more information.

Long Term assignments are generally for a minimum of one or two years, though in some cases, a shorter period may also be considered. We will work with you through your preparation, including guiding you through establishing a support team and sponsorship and giving you the training you need.

Long term assignments come with many challenges, not least of which may include adapting to different cultures and lifestyles and being stretched personally in areas of your thinking, abilities, personality, physical capabilities and spirituality. And of course, in many cases there’s the added challenge of learning a new language! But there’s also reward and satisfaction in seeing the difference you make for those you serve and in the personal growth you achieve.

Listed below are our current long term opportunities. Click on any one for more details. If you don’t see something here that applies to you, please contact us to talk over what’s on your heart. Who knows where that might take you … and us?

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